Vizz Webmail System



Notices of System Upgrade:

For enhancing your experience of managing e-mails, we now provides a new online mail platform for our users. Through the new platform, the users can not only generally read and write e-mails, but also operate it by phone. Since then, managing e-mails will become easier and more comfortable. After the user interface and system are optimized, all e-mails will be displayed more clearly and quickly. It can effectively save a lot of waiting time.

However, we understand that you need take time in adapting to the new interface. So, it also allows that the users can access the old and new mail versions now. During this period of adaptation, each user can still enter the old entrance to manage e-mails and try the new interface. Thereafter, we will continue to close the old platforms one by one. Please notice and understand!

Vizz Technology Limited